IT Plus installs and integrates both Analog and IP based video surveillnace solutions, either as a new solution or as an additional exapansion to the existing system.

Technology is now moving to IP based solutions. Adding an internet video system simply utilizes and extends the same infrastructure to include video functionality while leaving possibility for scalability.

Because of utilizing the standard IT equipments, like switches and PC servers, for video recording and storage, existing investments in IT infrastructure can be leveraged to help keep costs at a minimum.

Hosted Video Surveillance

In partnership with VigilEyes, we install and support the high quality hosted video surveillance solution through our security platform.

The cloud hosted video surveillance designed to protect from unwanted incidents rather than just record.

The pro-active system with built-in intelligence identifies and analyses motion, voice and temperature changes and initiates alarm and alert notifications in real-time.



Our hosted surveillance works without any Local Servers, Storage Mediums, DVR, NVR, etc.

  • Easy to Use
  • Highly Secure
  • Access from Anywhere at Anytime
  • Real-time Alert and Alarm for maximum protection
  • Always get alerted and keep up-to-date

Customers can access their cameras through the secured portal "Service Zone"

Manage the cameras and the settings from anywhere in the world at anytime

The Service Zone is highly secured and protected by using up-to-date security standards and encryptions


  • Remote View – Real-time and Recordings
  • Motion Detection
  • Audio Detection
  • Infrared Detection
  • Tampering Detection
  • Temperature Detection
  • Camera Status Monitoring
  • Alerts – SMS, E-mail, Phone Calls and Push Messages
  • Alarms – Built-in and External
  • Scheduled Recording
  • Timeline for easy viewing
  • Distributed Storage – Hosted and Onboard
  • Video Backup
  • Mobile Access - Apps iOS and Android

Temporary Surveillance

Temporary locations like construction sites, special functions, gatherings or concerts, that require video surveillance for only a short period of time. Cabling and wiring can be very expensive and in some cases not even possible.

IT Plus provides Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) for temporary purposes or which needs flexibility of moving their events from one place to another in a short time.

We combine mobile surveillance unit with our hosted surveillance platform and our client can access the video feeds through computers, tablets and smart phones from anywhere at anytime.

Video Analytics and Alerts

We implement various image processing algorithms to analyse and detect a variety of events, in real-time, such as:

Based on the requirement of our client, we can define and set necessary analytic parameters related to static objects, vehicles and people, software continuously analyzes the video feed in real-time and provides an immediate alert upon detection of a relevant event.

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